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María Dayana Castillo.jpg

Maria Dayana Castillo


I want to give thanks for this great human being, who knew how to guide me with his wonderful. Attesting to his pleasant and very excellent service, a person who knows how to listen and above all. help in the best way.

Thank you

Sandra Alcazar.jpg

Sandra Alcazar

Bolivia, La Paz

Gracias Felix Larriba por tu profesionalismo, y por llevarme a una maravillosa experiencia de regresión que me ayudó a identificar bloqueos y traumas del pasado y de mi niñez, efectivo proceso terapéutico que me ayudará a proyectar mi vida de una manera diferente!

Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos y por tu ayuda profesional, espiritual e integral que estoy segura también ayudará muchas personas que como yo verán resultados sorprendentes de sanación y resolución!... y gracias por ser un maravilloso ser de luz!

Ursula Rodriguez.jpg

Ursula Rodríguez Muñoz Nájera

Arequipa, Perú

Gracias eternas a Félix Larriba, que caído del cielo llego a abrirme los ojos para ver más allá, a poder  sanar mis heridas y ayudarme a entender que soy luz!!! Serían suertudos de conocer a Félix, y tenerlo como terapeuta, no sólo porque es un excelente profesional, con muchos conocimientos y experiencias, si no por ser un excepcional ser humano.


David Aguiar

Tenerife, Spain

I consider Felix Larriba a person who really knows how to listen. It does not allow itself to be entangled by the deceptions of the mind and it always comes up with a comment and idea that you do not expect and makes you open your mind to places that you did not have that could help you.

His vast knowledge of human psychology and social relations as well as the diversity of experiences that he amasses in multiple cultures make him accumulate a wealth of tools that give him a multidisciplinary capacity very appropriate to face many types of problems in an innovative but close way. to the understanding and situation of the patient. I can only add that in the long years that I have dealt with him, his opinion has always been very timely and accurate.

Mujer con máscara facial

Anónimo, Sevilla

Sevilla, España

Cuando comencé las consultas con Felix, ya llevaba año y medio medicada por un diagnóstico de depresión, me pasaba el día llorando y sin ganas de na. Al poco tiempo comencé a reducir las dosis, y a los 3 meses el psiquiatra me retiró completamente la medicación.
Reconozco que no tenía mucha fé en los psicólogos, y entre medio tuve que tomar decisiones y enfrentarme a situaciones que sin la ayuda de Felix, estoy convencida que no habrían sido las mas adecuadas, mi cabeza no funcionaba de la mejor  manera. Seguí un año más en terapia, y recomiendo mucho al psicólogo logoterapeuta Felix Larriba, no sólo me acompaño para atravesar la depresión que me tenía paralizada, sino que también sirvió para encontrarme.

Alexandra Feoli Manni.jpg

Alexandra Feoli Manni

Costa Rica

I consider that energy psychology is an excellent option which I recommend. It is directed by a great professional and a great person whom I have met through Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, and he deserves my respect for his way of seeing life, attitude, preparation and dedication.

María Trinidad.jpg

Maria Trinidad

Dominican R.

It is really great when we find excellent resources and alternatives that make an important difference and it is also much more relevant when there are people like Félix who elevate everything they do even more with their wonderful human qualities and the real intention of offering us well-being with their work! Congratulations!!

Ginette Gutierrez.jpg

Ginette gutierrez


The energy and spirituality that it transmits to us beyond seeing the superficiality of things, guides you to find yourself, to understand and know why.
Nothing more than to thank you for sharing part of you with us. THANKS!

Dionisio Lorenzo Martín.jpg

Dionisio Lorenzo Martin

Tenerife, Spain

I recommend Energy Psychology for those who are in charge, Félix Larriba is one of the people who go through the life of a @ and leaves no one indifferent ... he is a magnificent person, a great professional ... of a proven seriousness and impeccable journey as a specialist .....

Jessica Castro.jpg

Jessica Castro

Lima Peru

I recommend Energy Psychology and I recommend the lawyer Felix Larriba who has known how to combine various techniques, a super tool to help us in an integral way.


Sandra barber

Lima Peru

I consider the proposal of the integrative approach valuable because I saw it grow and develop hand in hand with its creator. And it is interesting to have been part of that process that today is this reality.
Integrate, unify, and realize that we are a totality, magnifies us from the true potential that we all bring. This proposal helps to unveil this essence, from the most subtle levels, body, mind and spirit in tune.
Successes always! You deserve it!


Rosario Egas

Quito, Ecuador

I recommend knowing the work of Félix and his therapeutic proposal since it is a work with professional, ethical, and humane excellence and from an integral view of the human being, it is a very complete therapeutic process. On a personal and professional level, I value and admire his clarity of thought, his breadth of knowledge, his humanity and sensitivity towards the world ..! 100% recommended.!

Lia Sanchez.jpg

Lia sanchez

Madrid Spain

Congratulations, a page with an interesting and necessary blog in the times we live in. Mental and physical health go hand in hand and the therapies that are indicated take into account this close relationship

Pilar Vivo.jpg

Rosario Pilar Alive

Valencia Spain

Thank you very much Felix for your honesty, your scientific rigor and your commitment to personal growth. I have been fortunate to meet you and each encounter with you has been an opportunity to grow. THANKS.

Hilda Pacheco Pacheco.jpg

Hilda Pachecho Pacheco

Arequipa, Peru

He is a highly qualified professional in this field.


Silvia Fernández necklace


I recommend Energy 100%. I give you 5 stars but I would give you a thousand!

Thank you Felix Larriba for meeting you one day in my life, thank you for everything you taught me and I was able to learn. A great professional but above all a great person. Thank you!

Pablo Gonzalez Rodríquez.jpg

Pablo González Rodríquez

Galicia, Spain

I had the fortune to meet Félix in training and without a doubt I can say that he is an incredibly prepared person, with knowledge that covers many disciplines and with a brilliant personality; his kindness, empathy and affability being some of his virtues. 100% recommended.

Carla Rocha Nicoletti .jpg

Carla Rocha Nicoletti

Lima Peru

I totally recommend it, for all those who seek comprehensive help from a holistic perspective.

It is very important to rely on experienced professionals, Felix is an excellent opportunity !!

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