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# Scale of Impact of EIE-R events, adults

(Post-traumatic stress, I recommend reading carefully before starting the Questionnaire)

Not all situations and life experiences affect us with the same intensity, each person is different, with their own history and nature, someone unique and non-transferable, who responds physiologically, psychologically and energetically in a particular way to an event. However, there are situations, natural or other catastrophes, as well as events that, due to their intensity, or the frequency with which they occurred, remain recorded in our body, causing alterations in our thinking, in our body, emotions, behaviors and even in our relationships. These events need to be reprocessed, so that they stop generating annoyances in our lives.

I provide you with this quick-application questionnaire, as a therapist you can use it directly, consider doing it at the right time, where the person can clearly discriminate the effects of the situation or event to be evaluated, and is not immersed in another situation that may be causing current symptoms, eg. a person who is considering evaluating potential business failure trauma, but is currently immersed in a divorce.

It is also optimal to do it, if you have suffered a situation, event, event, and you need to assess it, since you suspect it may have become what is usually called "a trauma", and you need to assess the intensity of how it affected your body, With this test you can make a quick assessment of the degree of post-traumatic stress, from clinical psychology, and therefore, be able to seek the most appropriate support to solve this problem.

This test scale has been validated in multiple studies and is one of the most widely used in the world, due to its validity and reliability, it is simple and quick to self-administer. By clicking on the following button, it will open in a new window, it is easy and fast to execute, just 5 'and at the end it calculates the result, with guidance on its interpretation, without the need to request any personal data. It was Dr. Daniel S. Weiss and Dr. Charles R. Marmar, the first to develop it under the name "Impact of the Scale of Events-Modified. If you have any questions or require more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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