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Recursos terapeúticos

Therapeutic resources

These resources are organized into three categories, the first is designed for Emdr therapists , Work with trauma . The psychoenergetic and therapeutic yoga are for Self-application and for Co-Therapists , so that anyone can benefit from them when doing them, I encourage you to explore them.


These resources are designed for therapeutic accompaniment with Emdr (click to find out more) , where they have their true meaning in the dynamics of the process, although their practice will not do any harm in any circumstance, they are conceived in the appropriate use from the based approach at Emdr, mainly in the second phase of the eight-phase protocol. These exercises, like any learning, require practice.

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  • I work with the four elements (choose the voice you prefer).

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  • Breathing

Breathing 1.

Heart breathing

Video "Self-care, what do I tell myself "

  • Take note of the statements to work on it in the session, and integrate it into the SPIA (System for processing information to adaptive states).

  • Remember to do some of the stabilization exercises you have learned.

Video "What is the brain's reaction to a Traumatic Event"

  • Fragmented memory, short path, emerges causing annoyance

  • Whole memory, coherent, long path

Recursos Emdr
Cual es la reacción del cerebro ante un hecho traumático


Botiquín Emocional



Para sanar


Articulos sobre salud y psicología



Tratamiento Trauma



Conciencia plena e Intención

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