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An evolutionary view of change in spiritual development and self-growth

A vision of spiritual self-transformation from which to focus on self-development and personal evolution. Facilitating connection and synchronicity.

Relearning becomes the opportunity to transform and free the Being for its realization. From a healthy development and personal growth, life is revealed and it acquires a transcendent meaning. Let's review together 5 key areas in Self-Development and in existence. An innovative proposal, where the psychology of being is found from the logos.

Felix Larriba Catalán, autor

Trabajo libre presentado en el V Congreso Internacional de Logoterapia y Tanatología, "Acciones Globales hacia el sentido" 4 de agosto 17:40 de Perú 2021

" La conciencia plena en Psicoterapia"

Aspects to be addressed in this presentation

Foundations from which to discover potentials of being, personal development:

  • Meditative state (attention, acceptance and equanimity) and spirituality through practices transcendence of the self towards the sacred

  • The analysis and contributions of the unconscious through dreams, tarot, ... creativity.

  • The review of our emotional history on the awareness, management and regulation of our emotions today.

  • Self-knowledge, both energetic and of our temperament.

  • A deep look at the areas that have been affected through the so-called E.T.I. (Early Misfit Schemes)

  • And in general the development of resilience skills, to face the extreme situations with which existence will inexorably confront us.

An evolutionary vision of the change in spiritual development and self-growth, facilitating connection and synchronicity

I would like to provide a psychotherapeutic vision of evolutionary transformation, from which to put the focus of personal development and personal evolution, through identifying the difficulties that underlie various areas of personal potential at any given time:

  • The relationships.

- The intimacy

-Social relationships

  • The autonomy.

  • Self-esteem.

  • The capacity for self-affirmation and self-expression.

  • Concern for others, feeling of belonging and union with something bigger than oneself.

In this way, by attending to where we could go to enjoy a more harmonious life, at the same time, we overcome schemes that as a consequence of our development have been able to remain unquestioned in the structure of the personality, in the form of firm beliefs in both thought and emotional, and that block our evolutionary or growth potential.

If, despite continuous spiritual practice, you continue to experience blockages in some area, or situations that recur in a cyclical way, that bother you or do not allow you to achieve your goals, it may be appropriate to open the possibility to a look from psychotherapy.

This presentation corresponds to the first two sections, it is in turn part of the 3 volume of the series that I am writing, on 'Self-development, psychoenergetics and spirituality', possibly published in 2023
  • Meditation and spirituality

  • A personal phenomenological vision

  • A previous framework of connection from which to enter between personal and spiritual evolution

  • Childhood, personal history and evolution

  • Schemas, emotions and internal reality

  • Time and evolution. A space to sow

  • Tarot and evolution

  • Spiritual anatomy. Energy psychology

A personal phenomenological vision

I personally believe in the magic of life and the value of intuition, and have experienced on countless occasions what we call in logotherapy 'the spiritual unconscious, logos', 'daimon' for the ancient Greek philosophers, which is also integrated into different philosophical traditions , and spiritual.

I am also aware that some of these intuitions do not always come from synchronicity, so I have to be vigilant in order to discriminate, doubt in this case becomes more of an ally.

Moreover, I participate in this first-person vision as a phenomenological method of intellectual discovery and not only as a means in my vital discovery process, both of the way forward, as well as to discover the schemes that may be interfering with my vitality and consciousness, to preserve a certain degree of health, in a broad sense.

And ultimately, I verify that this attitude allows me to enjoy a life with less suffering, in a more conscious and sensitive way, as well as happier as possible. In my case, it has not been an easy path, and it has taken me a lot of time and considerable effort, persevering daily in my continuous practice where I also train the instrument of consciousness and other spiritual qualities.

Without a doubt and despite qualities and attitudes that I must continue working, without burden but consciously, I give faith that it has been worth it, regardless of what the future holds, that I hope it is aligned in its proposal with my ability to face it, I do what that I can both outside and inside to make it so, although in my personal vision it cannot be planned only from the intellect, but also from the intentionality in a dance between intention and present; The result has been to be more and more connected mind, body and world, as well as integrated with my sense of life.

Being aware at every moment of the fragility that I have as a human being makes me a little more humble, and for that I don't have to make a lot of effort, my ego and life reminds me from time to time, but that does not justify my going to intentionally seeking suffering, this already comes without calling it of its own accord, and then through the ways that I mentioned as foundations, from which to discover potentials of being, I try to make it my master of change.

Recognizing it and taking a greater awareness and emotional and intellectual integration, has supposed many years of continuous work from the spiritual, as well as study from the psychology models that have been useful in a practical and honest way in the integration of both experiences. And in any case, I am absolutely aware that it requires continuous practice, it is like a muscle that atrophies if not worked, the muscle is still there but no longer responds.

I have not found any other way or shortcuts, and I have met and investigated some teachers of verifiable stature, and observed their practices closely in their field of expertise, none of them have stopped doing them, while facing not inconsiderable problems they continue to illuminate with their wisdom to through the paths that develop their ministry, in their vital purpose, whatever the field, therapy, physics, mysticism, music, ... If they have reached the level that is generally considered mastery, They show that they demand a conscience and continuous work, at least for the rest of us, if we apply it as an example to our personal development.

Thus, relearning becomes the opportunity to transform and free the Being for its realization through the gaze from our adult, a gaze directed inward. From the possibility of looking at each part of us from acceptance, understanding and healthy self-care, personal development and growth is possible, life is revealed with different eyes as we integrate what is inside us and completes us in Each of these areas, life itself can acquire a transcendent meaning as we relate to ourselves more compassionately and lovingly in encounters with our fellow human beings.

'This is what I call Evolution and Personal Self-development'

Felix Larriba Catalán

Psicólogo-Logoterapeuta, actualmente escribiendo

el libro Psicoenergética y Medicina China con

acupuntura laser, método de salud e intervención



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