An evolutionary view of change in spiritual development and self-growth

A vision of spiritual self-transformation from which to focus on self-development and personal evolution. Facilitating connection and synchronicity.

Relearning becomes the opportunity to transform and free the Being for its realization. From a healthy development and personal growth, life is revealed and it acquires a transcendent meaning. Let's review together 5 key areas in Self-Development and in existence. An innovative proposal, where the psychology of being is found from the logos.

Felix Larriba Catalán, autor

Trabajo libre presentado en el V Congreso Internacional de Logoterapia y Tanatología, "Acciones Globales hacia el sentido" 4 de agosto 17:40 de Perú 2021

Mindfulnes y Logoterapia

" La conciencia plena en Psicoterapia"

Aspects to be addressed in this presentation

Foundations from which to discover potentials of being, personal development:

  • Meditative state (attention, acceptance and equanimity) and spirituality through practices transcendence of the self towards the sacred

  • The analysis and contributions of the unconscious through dreams, tarot, ... creativity.

  • The review of our emotional history on the awareness, management and regulation of our emotions today.

  • Self-knowledge, both energetic and of our temperament.

  • A deep look at the areas that have been affected through the so-called E.T.I. (Early Misfit Schemes)

  • And in general the development of resilience skills, to face the extreme situations with which existence will inexorably confront us.